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This Gallery is where I post the photographs I take purely for the love of photography. I hope you enjoy them as much as do taking them. My professional photography web page can be found here. e-wins.co.uk

Planet Broadclyst A series of 28 photographs stitched together to give planet effect.


Meet some of the characters that make a festival

Some times it all goes wrong


Guernsey Marathon 2018

The tenth anniversary of the Guernsey Marathon this century





Music festival in the south west in aid of force cancer charity

Music festival in the south west in aid of force cancer charity

Beautiful Days 2017

Meet some of the characters from this festival.

Based at Escot in Devon.




Taken on Boxing day 2016. The annual powerboat along Exmouth Sea Front.



Woodburystock 2016. This music festival is run every year in Woodbury Devon. All of the bands donating their time for free in aid of Force Cancer Charity. Shot with a newly acquired Panasonic GH4 .Gallery


Sunset above St Ives Bay Cornwall in April

Sunset above St Ives Bay Cornwall in April



A set of Photographs taken from St Ives Bay Caravan park in April 2014. This setting has fantastic dunes leading down to a pristine beach that is perfect for surfing.





I have invested heavily in equipment and time to produce this page and lots of you have had videos and photographs. Any donation however small will help me to keep updating my equipment and the quality of this web page.



An unusual Panorama

An unusual Panorama

Hells Bells Movie Set

Blues festival held at Woodbury in aid of Force Cancer Charity

Blues festival held at Woodbury in aid of Force Cancer Charity

A set of still photographs from an up and coming movie called hells bells. An exciting new short film, ‘Hell’s Bells’, will be shot in Devon this summer. Described as a psychological thriller about Morris dancing, the film has already begun pre production. The short film has been written by writer/director Luke Jeffery. Gallery


Wood(Bury)Stock 2015. just a small collection of some of the bands who played at the festival in aid of Force Cancer Charity in June 2015. Gallery



Devon and Somerset Gliding club.

I have just started learning to fly a glider at my local club. The experience is incredible and no attempt at writing about it or photographing it will come near to the actual experience. The initial winch launch is like the fastest uphill DJI00390rollercoaster you could imagine. The whole world blurs around you as you accelerate at 45 degrees up to two thousand feet. Then total silence as the glider effortlessly floats around the sky and you cannot understand how it is just floating in the sky or even climbing upwards on thermals, without an engine? If you have a local gliding club you have got to give it a try it is something that should be on every ones “bucket list”.  MY local club in Devon is Devon and Somerset Gliding Club.


Dawlish Air show 2015 from the sea

Dawlish Air show 2015


A set of photographs taken at the Dawlish Air Show 2015. These were taken from a boat using a 600 mm lens. LINK





Flying High

A set of photographs taken from a flying camera?  Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? Well check out my Arial photography page for more information.  These are all around Exeter, Exmouth and Broadclyst. I hope you enjoy them as much as i did taking them.


Goat boater blog


One of my many hobbies is surf kayaking (yep “goat boating”). The video was taken using a drift HD head camera. I am also learning to use Adobe Premiere pro and so it is also an exercise in video editing. click on the image for the video.





North Devon & Cornwall Coast Line 2013

August was incredibly hot in the UK and so we took the month of.  We toured North

August spent touring the South West of EnglandDevon and Cornwall checking out all of the beaches. This included lots of surfing and fine dinning. I have done lots of travelling all around the world but when it is hot in the UK Devon and Cornwall take some beating.





Dawlish Air Show 2013

This set of photographs was taken off shore of the Dawlish Warren .air show in 2013. An excellent show of all types of aircraft flying above the town and coast line. The red arrows display team thrilling all of the crowd. The Bretling wing walkers, RNLI helicopters, Vulcan bomber were just a few of the planes flying. The highlight for me was the Euro fighter which seemed to fly so slow it did not seem possible and then turned on the after burners and accelerated vertically upwards with the most fantastic loud thunderous sound it made everything around vibrate.


Cornish Open Surf Kayak Competition

Cornish Open Surf Kayak Competition

Photographs from the Cornish open Surf Kayak Competition. This took Place at Godrevey beach in Cornwall, May 2013. Many thanks to Lee who took some photographs of myself surfing (and swimming)




This is a set of photographs I have gathered together on my computer and use for a screen saver. Their are lots of lovely landscapes and beaches mainly from around the UK. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ?  Enjoy!




A boat trip in the South West

I was lucky enough to have access to a boat in Exmouth marina this week and took along my Camera. Devon is a beautiful place especially when the sun shines. The photographs are of Exmouth, Teignmouth and Babbacombe bay.  Mackerel are abundant at the moment and so throwing the off cuts to the gulls wielded some good photographs.




A trip around BirminghamWhat does a photographer do on these hot long summer days! (dream on) Sitting in front of the PC looking through some old photographs. These are of Birmingham and the Black Country Museum in the Midlands. They were took some time ago but some great images. Some of the other images are from some work I was commissioned to do for the Birmingham mailbox.



I am currently learning to play the Saxophone and join in some of the localBeer n Blues area blues jam evenings. A great place to jam and taste some great beers. Their is a great collection of experienced blues musicians playing or even come join in. check out   the link below for more info. I have tried a different template this time to try and allow the use of ipads ? http://www.facebook.com/events/414130971953519/



Bank Holiday weekend at Saunton Sands North Devon




A day at the beach. The bank Holiday weekend took me to Saunton Sands where i used a long 600mm lens to take some photographs of some local surfers. The waves were 2-4 ft and not very challenging. Later on I took to the waves in my surf kayak. (yes i am a goat boater)





Broad Clyst East Devon Village

Broadclyst Village Devon


Broadclyst is my local village, this morning I decided to take a walk around the local lanes. The older part of the village is very well preserved and has a feeling of time stood still. The village and church are surrounded by meadows and woodland.




Travels around Thailand

Golden Buda


We were lucky enough to travel around Thailand in 2007. As a traveller it was two different worlds. From the poverty of Bangkok to the opulence of Phi Phi. These set of photographs hopefully show the two sides. Overall it was wonderful place to visit and very safe for Holiday makers





Kittens in a basket


This set of photographs have had High Dynamic Range (hdr) processing applied to them in post production. This ads a very artificial almost surreal look to the photographs. They some time remind me of video games in there lack of shadow and highlights coupled with a over sharpening of the image. What do you think?




The land that time forgot. Cuba

Cuban Bus


One of our many travels to us to Cuba. This place is like going back in time. The lack of product choice on the shelves, the cars they drive all make this a unique place. The beaches and boat trips to the remote beaches are incredible. I also got to dive in the Bay of pigs while i was out there. The photographs are from a small portable camera and so not up to my usual quality.



Exeter by night

Exeter by lamp light


Out and about in Exeter is a series of photographs from around Exeter. Next time you are in Exeter look up and check out the statues and varied architecture .





French graffiti

French graffiti


Here are two separate trips through France, the first in 2003 for a hang gliding Holiday to the Pyrenees. The second in 2009 for a skydiving holiday in Bourdeau. France is still one of my favourite destinations and a wonderful place to drive through. The gentle laid back atmosphere as you get further south is wonderful. Also the incredible beaches that run all along the West coast down to Spain



The Joker

Fancy dress


This is a selection of faces and smiles. They are taken from street photography to fashion shows, events and studio shots. Posted 5th December 2011.





Exeter Quay

Exeter quay


Always Carry your camera with you because you never know what you will see. Yesterdays shopping trip took us on a route through the historic key of Exeter. The wet cobbles and old Victorian lights gave way to some photographs with a period feel to them. 3rd December 2011




Roller Derby

Roller derby


Exeter roller derby. Photographs from the rumble at Exeter University.






Kayaking in Devon


This gallery is a selection of kayaking photographs from around Devon. Most of the photographs are taken with my club Teignmouth canoe club.




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Gallery One





Gallery Two





Gallery Three




You can check out my professional Photography page out at Ewins Photography

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