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Over a quarter of a Million hits from all over the world  on this web site many thanks for everyone’s encouraging comments. Suggestion’s on how this page could progress or project ideas are welcomed.

09/01/2019 Lots of new videos added to my video page. A busy year with lots of new equipment

A quick moan Sony do not know what is wrong with my video camera . quote “sorry we do not know what is wrong with it” and send it back?

I am having trouble answering all of the blogs I get sent in due to the high amount of spam. This is caught in my spam box and I regularly have to do a bulk delete. I apologise to all of the genuine people out there.

I have set this page up for multiple reasons.

I am a professional photographer but take so many images for pleasure that I thought this would be an ideal way to share some of my favourites. I also wanted to learn how to develop web sites using WordPress instead of html. Finally this is a great way to communicate without the intrusions and adverts laid down by face-book, it is my page on my terms.      So please keep checking back to see how this develops. I have now finally got my Civil Aviation Authority License allowing me to fly a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle commercially. My web page can be found at EwinsAerial. I will also soon be adding a video page as I am now taking video with my new Sony professional HDV camera.

Many Times i am asked who is my favourite photographer is and i have to say David LaChapelle for his pop art approach and his unique visions on a subject. All of his work is done from setting up the set and not post production. You can check out some of his work here. David LaChapelle.

I now have a Facebook page for my Aerial Photography. This is a new business venture I am starting up and it would be really helpful if I could get more “likes” to help  promote my Google rankings. So if you have time it would be really helpful if you could like my Facebook page. Lots more content coming Check out my new Video Gallery. This seems to be lots of live music video I am doing at the moment as well as multi camera editing.


I have invested heavily in equipment and time to produce this page and lots of you have had videos and photographs. Any donation however small will help me to keep updating my equipment and the quality of this web page.


Introduction to my work and the new green screen.

Neil Ewins

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